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They provide critical information prior to testing such as getting your life insurance in line before testing. Having a BRCA + result is considered a preexisting condition in most cases.


Pink Ribbon Gals specializes in After Breast Surgery products and supplies to women of the breast cancer community of the Carolina’s and more. Our staff of professional, experienced, and qualified fitters will be there to assist and advise. A Bra that fits perfectly can make a real difference to your shape and comfort after any type of breast surgery, from Radical Mastectomy to Reconstruction!


The mission of Teal Diva is to celebrate victories, honor memories, empower women, educate the community, and fund diagnostic research for ovarian and other gynecologic cancers.


The American Cancer Society National Cancer Information Center offers help as you’re dealing with cancer by connecting you to our caring, trained staff to answer questions about a diagnosis, identify resources, or provide a listening ear and guidance. We offer health insurance assistance, American Cancer Society programs, and referrals to other services.


From 2013 to 2017, older adults aged 60 and over had diagnosis rates exceeding 1,000 per 100,000 people. In contrast, those under 20 had rates below 25 per 100,000, and individuals aged 45 to 49 faced rates of 350 per 100,000 people. Care Ring has developed a guide to assist older adults and their families in understanding the impact of a cancer diagnosis on their senior living choices. It provides comprehensive information on locating assisted living and nursing care facilities that offer specialized cancer care for aging adults.


Apply online; local partner cleaning services provide free house cleaning to women ages 19+ undergoing any cancer treatment


Provides financial support for household bills (rent, utilities, groceries, etc) for those fighting breast cancer in the Greater Charlotte area.


Cancer of Many Colors CMC is a 501(C)3 based in Lexington, SC that takes the stewardship of the public’s trust very seriously. With the continued dedication of the community, the organization is growing and aspires to be a significant resource in South Carolina. To accomplish this, we are working with like-minded organizations and individuals to build awareness and financial resources that will aid patients in the local communities that we serve.  


The mission of Carolina Breast Friends is to embrace the breast cancer community in a positive environment. We provide resources and education through fellowship and mentoring during any stage of the journey.


There’s one common thread in all people facing cancer: the need for a good support system. Levine Cancer Institute’s Department of Supportive Oncology offers clinics and programs to support you, your family and your caregivers throughout your cancer journey. Our goal is to decrease symptoms, improve health, facilitate recovery and nurture well-being.


Pretty In Pink Foundation’s mission is to provide uninsured and under-insured breast cancer patients in North Carolina with financial assistance for quality, life-saving medical treatment.


The Novant Health Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center is a community cancer support program for individuals diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends.

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Care Better

The time you want to help the most can also be the time it is most difficult to know what to send or how to be there for a loved one going through cancer. We've collected all of our best ideas of answers to the question "what can I do to help?" below. These products are aimed at easing common side effects, or remedying some of the other impacts that cancer can have on someone's life.

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15 convenient locations, in addition to mobile mammography, serving Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. Provides sub specialized screening mammography and diagnostic breast cancer detection services.

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Provide financial support to cover co-pays and some assistance for health insurance premiums and treatment-related travel expenses. Also provide emotional support over the phone through patient care navigators.

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Dollar For is here to help. We educate patients about these programs, help patients navigate the application process, and call out hospitals that don’t follow regulations. We have already crushed over $19 million in medical bills. Our work is entirely funded through philanthropic grants and donations. Our services are completely free – no strings attached.

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